Friday, 18 October 2013

Talent Spot: Photographer Marike van Wyk

'She said she cried at least once each day, not because she was sad, but because the world was beautiful and life was so short'

And that dear people is why we need photographers, they capture a moment that's gone forever. When time passes and memories fade, a photograph remains.

A few weeks ago we did our lookbook for the Markham Menswear collection and had the opportunity to work with Marike van Wyk(see post Markham Menswear Arc Lookbook 13 September 2013).

Marike has completed a three year photography course at the Hugo Naude Art Center in Worcester and is now a first year photography student at VEGA. She inherited her passion for photography from her father. Nature and all forms of art inspire her and it is clear that this girl loves what she does. Her work  so far includes everything from beautiful nature scenes to high fashion shoots.

She is extremely down to earth, yet professional and easy to work with. When you explain to her what outcome you want from a shoot, she will deliver it beautifully in her photos. 

If you would like to view more of her work or are interested in working with her, please feel free to email her -

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