Friday, 27 September 2013

So I'm not allowed to take my laptop with me overseas, because the local airline only allows for one piece of luggage and I had to choose between my clothes and my laptop. I seriously considered the latter, but heard it was frowned upon to be naked in Europe if you are not at the nude beaches - preposterous I say, but I will try to find a way to get hold of the internet in Italy, otherwise you will hear from me in four days. Cheers

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Studay in Antwerp

We wanted to stay local today - here in Antwerp, to rest up before we travel to Italy on Saturday.

Erk, we didn't so much 'rest up', but we did get a good piece of Antwerp.

I started the day tryin to be domisicated(thank you Mr Thick) and went to the laundromat, I ended up half flooding the place, because of all sixteen washing machines, I chose the only broken one - not a good start. It didn't get much better as the day progressed. We decided to do a three hour bicycle rent from Fietshaven. Big, yellow, heavy frame bicycles Lovely to look at, but very difficult to master. I ended up walking alongside my bike and pushing it down the road half the time. I gained respect for the many cyclists here in Europe, that use cycling as their main form of transportation.

By midday, we followed the masses to studay. Studay is somewhat like Karnaval at Stellenbosch University during Jool, only it is much bigger. It is the start of Antwerp University's academic year and this event just kicks off the whole business.Thirty thousand students, three stages and one open space - amazing!

Getting ready, sneakers on, long walk to to the park

Also had a YOLO moment(hadn't heard that one in a long time) at studay I got to bungy jump from a Red Bull stand, that was fifty meters high(ten storeys), just for buying a Red Bull. Free bungy jumping - YES. The only downside was that we had to stand in a very long queue for three hours and people kept cutting the line, so we had to go CY Bellville on them and tell them where to go. It was amazing being so high up in the air and being able to see the whole Antwerp at night, definitely worth it.

The stand, way up in the air.

The massive crowd looked like an ant colony from above.

Our view, fifty meters up.

Our six kilometer walk back home turned into a ten kilometer night stroll, as we got lost(again), so I am very tired, my head is spinning and my feet hurt, with that statement I bid you goodnight.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Asian Elephant Foundation in Luxembourg

So there we were yesterday, just strolling around Luxembourg and everywhere we go we see these artsy elephants chilling around the town.

After some inquiries, we discover that they are works of art, made by different artists to help raise awareness for the Asian Elephant Foundation. The foundation distributes funds to various projects and organizations in the thirteen range countries that are solely dedicated to the well being and conservation of the Asian elephant, and ultimately to saving them from extinction.

For more info on these cute guys go to and help to make a change.

A special thanks to my photographer Robert Nel, who chased down all the statues and ran like a maniac around town to find them.

Travel Update: A day in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a landlocked country in Western Europe bordered by Belgium, France and Germany. As a representative democracy with a constitutional monarchy, it is headed by a grand duke and is the worlds only remaining grand duchy.

It was also our next destination.

Luxembourg, where medieval meets modern. It is a beautiful mash up of skyscrapers and old manors. It is filled with lush greenery, rivers, statues and bridges. And it is the most perfect place to take pictures.

They had a lovely selection of high end shops, including Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, BCBG Maxazria, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger. Just before lunch, we had a drink in an old neighbourhood called the Gurd at Scott's Pub, overlooking the river.

For lunch, we headed to the nearest bakery for some picnic fare and ended up in a park, beneath massive old oak trees, on the softest grass, with the sun warming out Cape Town winter bodies.

 The park

Picnic lunch

A tiny flower from my beloved

Packing away after a perfect day

If this is what a country looks like, when it is ruled by a duke, then I would like to order one for us as well please.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Avicii - You Make Me (Pete Tong Radio 1 Premiere)

Fashion Update: Milan Fashion Week Street style

From extraterrestrial glasses to fun prints and jewelry featuring the only Karl Lagerfeld, Milan Fashion Week had it all this year.

Some of my favourite street style moments

Big and bold classic polka-dots

Mixing high street and casual

Ladylike in powder blue

Monochrome black and white

Rocking the Chanel hula bag

Head to toe check print - check

Keeping it light and fun with some prehistoric pet print

Classic with a structured edge

A ladylike ruffle mixed perfectly with hardcore sneakers

The blue clutch adding that pop of colour to bring the outfit together

Matching yellow bag and reflective sunglasses, what more do you need?

Gorgeous Dolce&Gabbana

The straw hat and cartoonish belt adds some fun to the frock

You just keep on keeping it classy Milan fashion folk

Looking refined and respectable in a belted knee length dress and open toed pumps