Friday, 11 October 2013

Fashion Update: Dungerees

Calling all 90's fashion fans - dungarees are back. On the catwalk, street walk and on the fashion icons, Alexa Chung and Pixie Lott, I'm looking at you.

This childhood favourite has been resurrected in bleach, stone washed and ombre dip-dyed. The bottom part are no longer just shorts or trousers, they are pinafore dresses, skorts or micro shorts.

It's easy to look old Mac Donald, but these girls are doing it right.

Sarah Jessica Parker, looking chic and casual, with a roll up hem and sneakers.

No need to be blue, this season they are worn in any colour.

Alexa Chung just gets it right again

and again(p.s. I would kill for those kitten flats, drop me an email if you know where to find them)

and again

and again

damn woman and again

Dress it up in monochrome.

The reinvented pinafore dress dungarees.

A classic white shirt mixes well with this denim classic.

A new way to work your bralette and gladiator heels.

Add a slouchy blazer or leather jacket for the night.

Flash back, Kate and Liberty, raunchy on the cover of The Face.

Red, white and blue, super combo

Slim Shady, Cher you are doing it wrong.

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