Saturday, 18 October 2014

Fashion Update: Normcore

Because, apparently you were born to fit in.

Normcore is  unisex fashion trend, characterized by unpretentious clothing, the term combines the words normal and hardcore and was coined by trend forecasting group, K-hole.

The original notion of normcore is predicated on the desire to fit in and not stand out. Defined as bland, anti-style, the notion of dressing in an utterly nondescript way seems to be the new macro trend for upcoming seasons.  

Described by the forecasters as anonymous and detail free design, a style that suggests ingrained authority and inner confidence. Gone are the loud prints, the fur and the bright colour blocking, replaced by monochrome and neutrals.

Has fashion finally produced a trend that's about comfort and not trying to hard?
Well looking to The Gap, Scotch & Soda and Celine, that would have to be a resounding, yes.

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