Monday, 4 November 2013

Pretty Me Up: Spring/Summer Make-Up Trends

I like routine, actually I am a slave to routine, especially my grooming routine. I never stray from a certain brand of make-up or night cream.I have been wearing the same shade of purple eye liner for four years and buy it in bulk whenever I see it - people usually look at me funny when I do this, there goes the crazy girl with her trolley full of purple eyeliner again.This season though I am seriously considering ditching the purple and going nude, as is the on going trend.

When the sun is out, you don't want to be stuck inside for hours, having to do your make-up - ain't nobody got time for that. Instead this season is about muted tones, all natural with hints of gold, to make you feel like a goddess as seen backstage at Dries van Noten and Christian Dior.

Glowy skin, groomed brows and curled lashes at Valentino.

Subtle make-up, with a focus on feline kohl eyes at Stella McCartney.

Center parted, straight hair and soft neutral colours on the lips and eye lids at Chloe.

The gold brows at Dior might be a bit much for everyday wear, but a simple dusting of gold on the eyelids and thick groomed brows will do.

At Lanvin, it was all about contouring the cheekbones and defining the eyes with a natural brown shadow.

At Rochas, a light lilac was applied to the eyelids for a hollow and light appearance.

Gold leaf was placed on the side parting at Dries van Noten, but I am sure a dusting of gold bronzer powder will do just fine on the hair of those who do not have gold leaf just lying around.

At Dolce&Gabana, rosy cheeks and petal coloured lips were all the rage.

It was all Rock&Roll at Versace and basically the perfect look for a night out.

Now go out and show the world that pretty face.

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