Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Men's Fashion: Suit Up

I was recently asked to dig into the masculine, dark and sometimes confusing world of men's fashion, to uncover answers to frequently asked questions about the classic men's suit.

Men's fashion trends evolve much slower than women's fashion trends, which is a great thing for the guys, because it means they can splurge more on clothes, because it will stay in fashion longer than say the new skirt or dress style of the moment.

The two most important elements that you need look into when buying a suit, is classicism and masculinity. By classic, I mean, a suit in black, navy, light grey or charcoal that's cut in a classic 1950's silhouette. When weighing in the masculinity factor, look for a suit that broadens the shoulder, trims the waist and doesn't have to many added attention grabbers-say flounces at the jacket hem or peacock feathers at the collar.

Investing in any of the following suit styles, will ensure that you stay in fashion, for at least the next decade:

The sleek cut suit is very well made and toned down. Made popular in the 1960's, this suit is for someone who wants to look classy and has a straight forward look.

For winter days this gentleman added a thick cable knit sweater under his suit jacket.

For evening a suit with a slight metallic look is perfect.

To buy a sleek cut suit:

-Slim notched lapels.
-Medium sized breast pocket, only big enough for a pocket square.
-The upper button should be positioned above your navel.

A confidence cut suit are for the guys, looking for something extra. Born in the 1930's and making a revival in the 1970's, this suit is also single breasted. The difference between the slim cut and the confidence cut is; the confidence cut has peaked lapels and a slightly bigger bigger breast pocket, for your handkerchief. This style is also worn slightly looser than the slim cut.

The perfect suit to keep it cool and casual.

Tom Ford doing it right.

Lastly the double breasted jacket and sports coat are making a big comeback. This time around it is not boxy, but sleek and presents the perfect V-shape. So look for a cut that broadens the shoulders and slims the waist. 

Suit with no tie - perfect edge

When it comes to colour coordinating your suit, shirt and shoes, do as follow, or break the rules-it's only fashion after all.

Black suit, white shirt and black shoes are always in style, but can become a bit bland, that said though, never underestimate something, as timeless as the above mentioned ensemble. A navy suit, white or light blue shirt and brown shoes work well together. You can also wear  black shoes with a navy suit, just be careful that it doesn't look like a school uniform. With a grey suit, a black, white or another shade of grey shirt works well and either brown or black shoes.

As an individual you obviously want to have something unique that makes you stand apart from the crowds, so jazzzzzz that suit up a bit-add a scarf, hat, pocket flower, the possibilities are endless. Just have a look at these dapper gents and their styling ideas.

An ascot and leather gloves set the right tone.

Add a denim shirt between your jacket and shirt for a more casual take on dress up.

If you can pull off a hat with a suit, please continue to do so.

Don your suit in hues of one colour.

Nothing says spring more.

Spice up the average work attire with chinos in bright colours.

Why wear a tie when you can wear a bow tie.

A scarf adds a playful edge.

Socks? No need!

 Lastly, just because you put them on last, doesn't make them any less important. You can't have a beautiful suit and shitty shoes, so splurge on good pair of leather shoes- I promise it will be worth it.

And remember

Unless your in the hood, always keep it classy guys.


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