Sunday, 15 September 2013

Travel Update: Grote Markt Anwerp

Sunday was set for exploring. With a map(old school), backpack and water, we set out for the day. We got lost twice and stumbled upon amazing old church yards, before finally getting to the Grote Markt.

The Grote Markt is right by the Cathedral of our Lady, a magnificent building dating from 1352. It is constructed in a gothic style and features a number of significant works by the baroque painter Peter Paul Reubens.

The Grote Markt is basically a very big square filled with all things touristy. Belgian chocolate shops, waffle places and frites stops and a lot of beer - everywhere. We tried some delicious coffee and nougat chocolate and had frites for lunch. Frites is chips or french fries, crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside and they enjoy it with mayonnaise. I am not a big fan of  fried foods, so I did not particular enjoy my frites which I tried with a curry sauce. Luckily my travel companion loves Mac Donald's, Burger King or anything else that will clog your arteries real good, so I asked him to give me the verdict - ' It is good chips, but a bit overrated', so there you have it, try it if you loves chips, but don't waste 4 euros if you don't.

Beautiful old buildings

Too many options to choose from

Frites for lunch

The market square

Lastly we discovered an old church yard, Beginhof which dates from the 17th century. It had a prayer garden, that was once a cemetery, filled with an abundance of  apple-, pear- and guava trees and the most beautiful old statues.

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