Sunday, 15 September 2013

Travel Update: Antwerp Open Air Festival

Finally settling down in Antwerp, after two days of travel, we decided to hit the party scene. What do Belgians to other than make good waffles and frites? They throw some sick music festivals, this is after all the place where Tomorrowland was born.

The Open Air festival was held at magiq tent, a forest near the waterfront. Free entrance at a trance festival? I didn't expect much.

I had a big case of culture shock at first, sixteen year olds drinking beside me, people holding cans of beer in the street. I was quite disappointed by the lack of festival fashion. In South Africa, going to a festival means dressing the part and adopting the lifestyle, here in Antwerp it is all about the music. No high waisted cut offs and flower crowns, more youth dressed in hoodies and jeans, maybe a flat cap. They do rock some awesome sneakers though, everybody was decked out in nike, puma or new balance sneakers and I felt quite over dressed in my wedge boots. There were a couple of guys in cool 90's bomber jackets and suspenders, but other than there was just music. Four stages, a line-up of twenty five DJ's all playing insane drum&bass. It was hopefully the first of many fine nights to come.



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