Thursday, 26 September 2013

Studay in Antwerp

We wanted to stay local today - here in Antwerp, to rest up before we travel to Italy on Saturday.

Erk, we didn't so much 'rest up', but we did get a good piece of Antwerp.

I started the day tryin to be domisicated(thank you Mr Thick) and went to the laundromat, I ended up half flooding the place, because of all sixteen washing machines, I chose the only broken one - not a good start. It didn't get much better as the day progressed. We decided to do a three hour bicycle rent from Fietshaven. Big, yellow, heavy frame bicycles Lovely to look at, but very difficult to master. I ended up walking alongside my bike and pushing it down the road half the time. I gained respect for the many cyclists here in Europe, that use cycling as their main form of transportation.

By midday, we followed the masses to studay. Studay is somewhat like Karnaval at Stellenbosch University during Jool, only it is much bigger. It is the start of Antwerp University's academic year and this event just kicks off the whole business.Thirty thousand students, three stages and one open space - amazing!

Getting ready, sneakers on, long walk to to the park

Also had a YOLO moment(hadn't heard that one in a long time) at studay I got to bungy jump from a Red Bull stand, that was fifty meters high(ten storeys), just for buying a Red Bull. Free bungy jumping - YES. The only downside was that we had to stand in a very long queue for three hours and people kept cutting the line, so we had to go CY Bellville on them and tell them where to go. It was amazing being so high up in the air and being able to see the whole Antwerp at night, definitely worth it.

The stand, way up in the air.

The massive crowd looked like an ant colony from above.

Our view, fifty meters up.

Our six kilometer walk back home turned into a ten kilometer night stroll, as we got lost(again), so I am very tired, my head is spinning and my feet hurt, with that statement I bid you goodnight.

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