Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Fashion update: Men Spring 2013

Nothing brightens a lady smile more, than a dapper gent. So, suit up, because these updates will leave you looking good and dandy.

1. Floral and ethnic printed shirts

Pair with a denim shirt for a laid back look or dress them up with chinos, to brighten your formal wear.

2. Colourful running shoes 

Grab these bright guys from http://www.shop.puma.com

3.  Suits in hues of blue

Whether it's navy or powder blue, leave your old black suit at home and set the tone in blue.

4. Distressed denim

There should be nothing neat about your denims, rip, tear or do whatever it takes to get the worn look.

5. hair - two ways

When it comes to your hair, wear it either medium lenght and messy or neat and cropped at the sides.

Now to go out into the world and show off the look, but before the ego gets to big, remember . . .

These cuties probably look better than you.

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