Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What to watch, what to wear

After watching the movie Before Sunrise last night and the sequel, Before Sunset this morning and am about to watch the third movie Before Midnight(can you tell I'm on holiday?), I can tell you that I have found new movie favourites - move over P.S I love you and Harry Potter.  Before Sunrise was made in 1995, the sequel in 2004 and the third movie was made last year.

The first two movies have been around for quite a while. After someone recommended it to me and I finally had the time to watch it, I was not disappointed. I won't give away any details, just that it is about two strangers, sharing their views on life, love and seeking self-fulfillment, the story line picks up every time, after nine years - no big climax, just a beautiful simple love story.

The first movie is set in Vienna and the sequel in Paris - how very cliche, however, after watching the sequel, I thought that this article by Vogue about 'How to dress Parisian' was very fitting and inspiring http://www.vogue.com.au/blogs/spy+style/how+to+dress+like+a+parisian,28143

I am not a dreamer and don't care too much for cliche romantic movies(just a little, I am a girl after all) - I am sure, I am not the only one, but I really do recommend these movies(for my sake now I hope the third movie is as good). If you don't like it, then recommend another one for me, if it manages to put a smile on your face - well, no need to thank me.

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