Friday, 31 January 2014

Ten Fashion Essentials for 2014: The White Shirt

Number two on the list for 2014, is the classic white shirt. Now before you drop your jaw in sarcastic excitement, this time around the white shirt has a fresh look and can even be worn as a dress. Don't just go for your average cotton blend or linen, look for mesh, silk or even a structured upholstery  fabric.

Architecture and fashion combined.

With this trend you can either take it back in time, with a 1950's silhouette or go a bit futuristic with sharp lines and structure.

Long sleeves and pin tuck details on the blouse, paired with the soft pastel of the pencil skirt, gives the look a vintage and feminine feel.

The interesting cross-over detail and sharp shoulders of the shirt, paired with a leather pencil skirt gives the monochromatic look a clean and fresh make-over.

This embroidered shirt with high collar is available from Zara

Off course, if you are currently residing where the sun is shining, a shirt dress is the perfect option.

This shirt dress is from Thakoon.

When it comes to styling this essential the possibilities are endless, following are a few of my favourite looks, featuring the classic white shirt and shirt dress.

Still thinking it's just a boring old white shirt?

Next week we are going below the belt . . . as in shoes.


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