Friday, 17 January 2014

Travel Update: Vleesbaai

I have been going internet free for the last week, enjoying the last days of my holiday. What a treat to rest up for the year ahead at our beach house in Vleesbaai, where all the Vaalies have all ready headed back to Gauteng and we practically had the beach to ourselves.

We have been going to Vleesbaai since toddler days and it's great to have grown up with friends that you only get to see over the holidays, but still have a great bond with. I hope our Vleesbaai home stays in the family,so that one day I can pass that joy onto another generation.

We spent the week tanning, taking early morning strolls, going for sunset jogs and heading in to Mosselbay and George for the occasional shopping trip and lunch.

On our way to peace and tranquility.

The view from our balcony, captured at different times during the day.

Early morning strolls delivered beautiful photographs.

The farm landscape was as charming and breathtaking on the way.

 I tried pure organic honey straight from the waxy comb for the first time-delish!

 On our way home, thanks for a great breather mam

Vleesbaai is my absolute hideaway haven, I always leave this place, feeling relaxed, revived
and ready for the year ahead.

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