Sunday, 5 January 2014

Fashion Update: Kimono?Yes!

Translated it means 'thing to wear', but the kimono is back and not just as a simple thing to throw on or a cover up - This season it is taking center stage.

 I was first introduced to the kimono in the series, 'The New Girl', where the always flamboyant Schmidt wears his too short kimono as leisure wear in the loft, next I received a brief where I had to design and make a futuristic kimono, lets just say that the only time I will ever wear said futuristic kimono is too a dress-up party as Yoda. Putting my kimoNO experiences behind me, I will definitely be sporting a kimono this summer, in a neutral colour, clean cut and  from a light weight fabric, draped over the shoulders to keep the windy Cape Town evenings from biting to hard.

I bought this kimono from H&M for 40 Euros.

Some kimono clad creatures to inspire you.

 Belted and paired with skinny jeans and heels or worn open over a summer dress and sandals, this garment is basically the best friend in your wardrobe, covering any curves that you are not to keen on showing, whilst making you look cool, chic and right on trend.

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