Saturday, 25 January 2014

Ten fashion essentials for 2014: The Trench Coat

It is the beginning of a new year and let's be honest, even though we promise ourselves that we won't buy any new clothes this year, who are we kidding? So instead of spending your savings bit by bit on useless crap, why not invest in well-made tailored garments that will last multiple seasons and you can wear for years to come. As fashion darling Carrie Bradshaw was quoted saying:

For the next ten weeks,each week I will do a post on my top buys for 2014, concerning colour, cut, tailoring, where to buy, local and internationally and how to style it.

Without further ado, my first investment buy for this year.

 We all know the classic trench coat and if you have one or inherited one - hold on to it girl.
 If however you are still searching for your perfect trench match consider the following tips when it comes to buying a trench coat that you can dress up or down.

 Keep the shape neat and figure hugging, making sure the shoulder and side flaps are not too wide.
 Hemline should finish just above or on the knee. Unless you have the length to pull it off, a longer trench will shorten your frame and make your legs look unflattering.
 Keep it simple - too much extra detail will make you look bulky.
 Be wary of double breasted jackets, which can create the illusion of width.
 For ease of movement the coat should have a fantail pleat or inverted pleat at the center back.
 Choose a neutral colour such as beige, camel, black or grey, to insure you can wear your trench through the  seasons.

This leather-trimmed cotton-blend canvas trench is Thakoon and available on

This classic beaty is from Country Road and available at WoolWorths.

Styling your tench coat:

For a nice casual look, opt for jeans or leggings, a pair of knee-length leather boots, a vest and your coat worn open. To dress it up, a  bright dress, high heels, your coat buttoned up and loosely belted and your hair in a messy bun. Or take a look at the images below for some inspiration.

As soon as I catch the first autumn breeze in Cape Town, you will be seeing me in my newly purchased champagne coloured floor length trench, paired with the next essential item on the list - the classic white shirt, which gets a modern update on the blog next week. Until then.

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