Thursday, 8 January 2015

Fashion Update: Men's Biggest Fashion Trends 2015

New year, new you, or at least trying to be.

If 2014 was the year of the slim-fit, of patterned shirts and of glasses made cool, then 2015 looks to be a more relaxed wear, comfortable, but nonetheless stylish year for the male species.

We will start at the top and take it down.

The hair:
You keep it long, keep it messy or do a side-parting. If you do shave your head at the sides, make sure the style fits your face shape as you can easily end up with a carrot-shaped head - healthy,yes/good-looking, no.

The over garment:
It's big, loose, oversized and a bit dishevelled looking, mainly in darker colours, especially blue. Off course you  can also never go wrong with a classic calf length trench coat in beige or camel.

The jacket:
Tribal and geometric patterns are still relevant in 2015, but they are getting an update. The patterned tribal jackets are chunkier and have a 3-D like edge to them. The busier, the better.

The pants:
In 2014 we saw the slim-fit pant peak, to the point where many a gentleman were taking it to a ballet dancer's tights level of leg pant fit. Luckily this season, the leg is a bit more relaxed and a good rolled up cuff at the hem, will make sure that your fit is not too baggy.

The suit:
On a more formal note, fashion is shying away from the black suit, opting for a white pant and a jacket with a bit of colour or suits in a lighter tone, such as grey or beige. That being said, a suit is one of the items in your closet that, if treated well, can be worn for many years, so make sure you choose a suit that is made from good quality fabrics and fits you exquisitely.

The sock:
Your feet will be attracting the most attention, with the very out-there prints, patterns and colours for 2015. Note, to keep the rest of your outfit as plain as possible to avoid any clown reference.

The shoe:
The sneaker remains a prominent feature on the men's fashion scene, What remains great about this trend is that there really are no rules, go big with colour, wear with your suit or go at it with shorts and a v-neck.

'Create your own visual style, let it be unique for yourself, yet identifiable for others.'- Orson Welles

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