Saturday, 3 January 2015

Eco-Trend: Urban Biking

As a new year dawns, I share a new years resolution with you - to join the ever growing number of people that are helping to make the earth a cleaner, greener and safer place to be. Besides factories, cars are one of the main CO2-emission 'offenders', thus by using our cars less and our feet or bikes more, we are already taking a giant step towards a greener lifestyle and lucky for us, urban biking is steadily growing as a major trend.

 The collective consciousness towards a more eco-friendly society is rising steadily and is making people think of bikes from an environmental perspective. It's a mode of transportation that represents a good alternative to CO2-emissioning cars or space consuming railway systems.

Not only are environmentally conscious citizens attracted to biking in cities, many cities want to integrate bikes in order to attract this dynamic population to bolster their economy. Those people want to live in cities that allow an easy access to cultural activities and different forms and transportation.

The main plus is the health issue. Bicycling improves your health and keeps you in good shape. Another advantage is that bikes are the cheapest form of transportation. It is accessible to a wide range of people to use as a way to get to work, school or use to go on many, many adventures.    

Not only are individuals deciding that biking is better, businesses are also stepping up to the plate. Bike delivered flowers are getting popular and PUMA Select will deliver your on-line clothing purchases via bicycle right to your doorstep.

Speaking of fashion and cycling, not sure if you can pull off the look. Well, see these fashionable eco-friendly examples.

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(Underlined info derived from crowd city)

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