Saturday, 14 June 2014

Fashion Update: He May Wear The Pants But She Picks Them Out

'Cause everybody likes a good behind.

Unfortunately liking or wanting is not always the same as having and there is a reason, why some fall short of having a good looking backside.

We as a fashion and beauty conscious society are so fixated on primping and beautifying ourselves, that we spend hours looking at our faces in the mirror
, but we rarely take a second to look around and see if we look all right from behind.

This pants post is mainly directed at the guys, because thanks to Instagram we know the girls are aware of their squatted legging clad bums, so we won't talk about them because firstly if you can shoot it, you are looking at it and secondly leggings aren't pants.

Pants, trousers, pantalon, hose, broek or whatever you would like to refer to them as, are important, they not only keep you from being thrown in jail for public indecency, they can also help you attract the dames.

So ladies gather your boyfriends, brothers and fathers, so that we can put a stop to the following trouser offences.

If it feels too tight - well I've got news for you buddy - it is too tight. Don't wear pants that are making those around you worry if you will be able to make it through dinner, without the back seams bursting. Leave a little to the imagination, there is no need for us to wonder how you will be able to get out them.

Too tight

Good fit

I promise you, no girl has ever fallen in love with a guy, because of the way his underwear is on display in public. So unless you are in a prison gang, pull your pants up and go and spend some of your hard earned cash on a belt to keep it up. A simple brown or black leather belt with a silver or bronze clasp will do.

Not okay


Not all men want to carry a satchel or man bag, it's fine, that is what pockets are for, right? If you were thinking your back pockets, then no. Men should never stow their possessions in their back pockets. Three big risks with this bad decision: you might sit and squash your phone screen, you are an extremely easy target for pickpockets and you are making your behind look asymmetrical and  very unflattering.

Strike three

A new trend that has reared it's head, is the rolled-up-hem-ankle-showing-trend, no problem with that. I do have a big problem, however with a uneven rolled hem. If you are going to go to the trouble of experimenting with a new trend, atleast take the time to check that your rolled hems are even.

You are not a child, so don't measure like one

Let's try and keep our streets clean and free of these offences and if your still not sure if you are an offender, just ask your girlfriends or at the very least your mothers.

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