Monday, 16 December 2013

Travel Update: Exploring Antwerp

The more time I spend here in Antwerp, the more I realize there is so much more of the beautiful city that I still need to see, thus another few days of exploring were in order.

We first stumbled upon the Begijnhof court in September, back then it was Autumn, the trees bared plentiful fruit and all was luscious and green. Come December, the court looked eerie with bare branches and frosty grounds. It made for some interesting photos, that and my new camera has some fun filters and features.

Okay, so this is how the courtyard actually looked, taken by a more experienced photographer, with a (slightly) better camera, said only because I love my new tiny camera.

I made a fluffy ginger friend.

Heading over to the central train station.

Out of nowhere I get attacked . . . 

By a life sized dinosaur. Placed in the middle of station to advertise a dino expo. Quite a scary chap.

Even though it's freezing, the Europeans still prefer cycling or walking.

We decided Mondays were for museum visits, until we discovered - after walking to three different museums, that they are all closed on a Monday, so we just did the photo op's from the outside. It was still pretty amazing, thanks to the baroque style architecture, seen all over Antwerp.

The day's adventure ended with a visit to a pretty unusual comic store, a geek haven, if you will.Filled with books, posters and action figures. Also, I met some guys there.
One was big.

One was tiny.

One stood outside in the cold, looking quite weary.

Neither had much to say.

A special thanks to my traveling partner and photographer for the day, Hendrik Oosthuizen and Robert Nel for showing me the Comic store.

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