Friday, 6 December 2013

Travel Update: Abu Dhabi Airport

It is nine o'clock at night here and I am dying. I left sunny Cape Town this morning at six, only to arrive at an even hotter Abu Dhabi - 27 degrees Celsius at night here, and I am dressed in woolly tights and a skiing jacket, because tomorrow morning at seven o'clock I will have arrived at icy Brussels. This weather is almost as confusing as my sleeping pattern for these two days, but who's complaining?

After two months, I am back for Eurotrip 2.0 and this time around it will be all Kersmarkt, holy-festivals and hopefully snow.

I am writing from the Al Reem lounge at Abu Dhabi airport, where I will be taking cover from the heat, until my plane departs at 02:40 for Brussels Airport.

Till then, when my next post will have to be composed wearing thick gloves, but like I said, I am not complaining.

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