Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Travel Update: Bruges

The last day trip was to Bruges, more known as the tourist town of Belgium. Located northwest in the country, it was a short train ride from Antwerp to Bruges. We arrived in the beautiful city to quite a storm, possibly the worst weather that I have encountered thus far on my holiday. Handsome as Bruges was looking on this particular day, I believe that it would be even more beautiful in springtime, when the leaves are green and the flowers plentiful.

Being South African, we just couldn't handle the weather, and looking for an excuse, we stepped from the train carriage into the nearest restaurant. A cosy place with a fire and plush couches, we surprised ourselves by NOT staying there all day - only half the day. The meal was followed with a kannetjie koffie, served the traditional way.

 Some patrons at the table went local, with a Flemish rabbit stew.

The kannetjie koffie, very nice to look at, but very hot to handle.

After lunch my travel companions headed to the Belfry tower, but having seen the Belfort tower in Ghent a few days ago, I decided to rather go shopping. Quint alleyways, revealed bookstores, coffee shops and exquisite boutiques.

Just when it was getting dark, at about five in the afternoon and we wanted to head home, one of us saw an ice rink and thought it would be a good idea to go ice skating in the semi-darkness and pouring rain. I was happy to just stand and watch.

There is a reason why Bruges is such a tremendous tourist attraction, it feels like you are stepping into a magical Narnia when you enter the Christmas market and surrounding sights.

You hear me Bruges, I will be back one day, one day when you are in full bloom.

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