Sunday, 9 November 2014

Graduate Collection: Foreshore Realm

Boardwalk Empire, an HBO series, set in Atlantic City in the 1920’s. A dark time when the air was filled with cigar smoke, liquor flowed freely and gun shots fired were the norm- It was an era of live fast and die young, but…
It was also the era of the suit, suspenders and bow ties, it was the era of the the gentleman as well as my main inspiration for my graduate collection, Foreshore Realm.
Incorporating these elements into my male and female looks, giving the collection an overall androgynous feel, but also adding feminine details to the female looks in the form of lace appliqué and beading.
With the androgynous mood in mind, my muses for the collection were Michael Pitt, an actor and character from the Boardwalk Empire series and model Arizona Muse.
Although Foreshore Realm is inspired by the ocean, it is not your typical nautical red, white and blue. The mood is darker and slightly eerie. Think about the dark waters that are splashing against the weather beaten, moss covered harbour walls on an overcast day. Hues of blue and grey and leather that’s the colour of wet sand and shipwrecked wood.
The collection features soft suede, airy silk chiffon, stiff cottons and rough leather. Refabrication wise for the female looks, I have created lace appliqué floral designs and also incorporated sequins and bead designs and for the male looks, reworked leather elbow and knee patches and pintucks to update the classic white shirt.
I have also added accesories that place well with the 1920’s gentleman feel, such as black and grey panama hats, leather bow ties and worn leather bags.
Foreshore Realm, is a formal collection fit for the fall, with a variety of tailored pants and shorts and lightweight jackets. The colour ways are navy, black, silver and brown.
The collection not only focuses on quality fabrics and comfortable fit, but also on silhouettes that are flattering on any body shape. The neutral cold tones of the colour ways, works well with all skin tones and also make it possible to wear the looks from day to night.
The collection lends a unique take on South African fashion, fit for the European market and beyond and the variation of different styles, ensures that there is a sure fit for every individuals taste and style preference.

Photos shot by Marike van Wyk
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