Friday, 7 March 2014

Fashion Update: Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 [continued]

In 1830, Austrian Prince Metternich, was quoted saying,'When Paris sneezes, Europe catches a cold.' What a grand way of explaining the influence that this great city has over the rest of Europe and the world, concerning fashion, art and culture. This Paris Fashion Week was no exception.

As Paris Fashion Week draws to a close, we take a look at iconic shots from the past few days, memorable runway moments and striking fashion inspiration.

One of my absolute favourites- the YSL show, featured a edgy collection of skirt and jacket combos and overall androgynous look. I loved the futuristic boots, incorporated in a way that made me feel, that I the average citizen can pull off spacey riding boots.

At Alexander McQueen, it was go big or go home. Fur, fur, fur and some feathers. Innocently made-up models strutted down the runway in voluminous masses of fabric, fur and feathers, beautifully crafted and weaved into textured fabrics to create Burton's masterpieces.

Valentino stayed true to their iconic style, but one dress from the collection really stood out for me. A gorgeous blue sheer dress, with exotic bird print.

And off course the show that had everybody talking. A simple walk about the supermarket at Chanel. Karl's vision of the archetypal American house mom. Guests had the opportunity to walk through the aisles before the show, checking out the Chanel produce. Oh and off course the models had coloured dreadlocks in their hair.

With dusk falling on another Fashion Week, we thank the designers and street style fashionistas for the never ending inspiration. Reminding us that being beautifully dressed is on of the best ways to express yourself to the world - be it this one or the worlds we create ourselves.


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