Monday, 31 March 2014

Beauty: Don't Just Eat It, Put It On Your Face

We have all been there, searching the food cupboards instead of the beauty aisle to aid you hair- and skincare woes. When I was eleven I tried to make my own shampoo, using egg yolks and olive oil. The result? I spent the day wearing a hat to cover my greasy locks and hiding my face so people wouldn't recognize me as the girl with rotten smelling egg head.

So which DIY beauty remedies do actually work?
The following remedies are all tried and tested and the promised results were there.

For the ladies looking for silky luscious looking locks, the answer is in the tea cupboard. Chamomile tea for blondes, rooibos tea for redheads and English tea for dark hair.
After shampooing, gather wet hair into a ponytail, tie two teabags to your ponytail and leave in for five minutes while rinsing your hair. Finish off with a cup of white vinegar to rinse, to ensure super shiny hair.

Coffee doesn't only give you a pick-me-up, it can also help tighten your skin and help fight the appearance  of cellulite by drawing water out of you fat cells. Make a scrub by mixing two tablespoons of ground coffee, with four teaspoons olive oil. Combine to make a paste and spread over your body in upward strokes. Massage for two minutes and rinse.

Looking for a solution to blackheads and pimples? Apply organic raw honey to your face in an even layer. Take half a lemon and rub in circular motions over your face, focusing on acne prone areas. Leave on for five minutes and rinse with warm water.

Nothing adds a healthy glow to your skin like a smooth complexion. This sugar scrub will diminish bumps and remove dead skin cells. Mix one cup brown sugar, half a cup olive oil, half a teaspoon vanilla essence and the juice of half a lime. Apply to whole body and massage in circular motions onto wet skin.

Leave the chemicals and call on nature every once in a while - your body will thank you, promise.

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