Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fashion Update: Autumn Strikes

A scorcher of a day in Cape Town today and it may not feel like it, but by looking at shopping display windows you realise, Autumn is approaching.

It's not always easy dressing for Autumn. The morning starts cool, by midday you need to start peeling of layers and by dusk you are frantically looking for your tossed layers to save you from the approaching cold that arrives in the cover of darkness.

Horrible business this 'Dressing for Autumn', but we all have to do it and why not look damn stylish doing it?

A few scattered thoughts, tips and inspirational images to help start you off.

A nice felt hat and a thick over sized coat are ideal essentials, because it can be easily removed if the day gets to hot.

Nothing is sexier than a lady that can pull of an androgynous look.

Maxi dresses are not only for summer, add a leather jacket, scarf and ankle boots.

It is finally okay to wear sweaters and sweatshirts to work, it's the perfect items to layer with.

Don't forget that your neutrals can still make a statement,

I would suggest pants with the sweater below, cause baby it can get cold outside. 

Thick cable knit beanies and over sized scarfs are classics that never get old.

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