Thursday, 26 February 2015

Fashion Update: The Stratement Tee

Or statement strapless tee or camisole, your choice, a rose by any other name...

The camisole was originally designed as an undergarment, worn as an extra cover-up with a low dipped neckline or short waistline, but for summer it was taking front stage. Worn instead of a shirt or bra, the camisole was paired with high waisted jeans or a simple skirt and the trend will continue into the next season, with a boxy blazer added to keep away the chill.

This fashion piece keeps with the more is less trend and works well when worn in neutral or soft colours. It has even transitioned into playsuits, taking them from festival to high street wear.

'But the pinkness and the whiteness of underskirts and camisoles, the frilliness of foundation garments, the rustle about the bustle and the fuss about the bust' - Gregory Maguire

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