Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ten Fashion Essentials for 2014: The Sneaker

Comfort is winning! Gaining popularity from last year, finally it's okay to wear sneakers elsewhere than at the gym or track, even though you aren't Steve Jobs.It gets stranger kids, the bolder and brighter the better.

The sneaker gained it's highest status to date, when seen on the Chanel Couture Spring 2014 runway. Stylishly dressed models pranced down the runway in monochrome, metallic and sheer sneakers, Mr Lagerfeld going so far as to showcase a pair of bridal sneakers - not bad for a pair of tekke.

Chanel Couture Spring 2014 bridal sneakers

Chanel Couture Spring 2014 lace sneaker

When this practical trend first reared it's head, my deep love/ crazy obsession with PUMA, sent me straight to their shoe catalog. For their latest campaign, featuring basically your dream tropical holiday redesigned into sneakers, banishing any harsh winter thoughts, the prints feature exotic flowers and palm trees.

Women's disc Tropicalia trainers from PUMA

Women's suede classic Tropicalia trainers from PUMA

The great thing about this trend is that because it is such a usual no-no , you really can't go wrong with pairing it with a contrasting outfit. I think the pictures below are great examples of how any type of sneaker can be incorporated into a high fashion look.

For summertime, this trend goes well with the big nineties revival happening now, so pair it with a crop top and flare skater skirt or when the sun goes down, throw on a pair of leggings and an over sized pastel coloured coat - What? You didn't even break a sweat? ya, it's that easy. 

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