Friday, 30 August 2013

Speaking of fashionsandwich - Sushi

I have yet to encounter a storm that could keep me away from sushi. There may have been snow on table mountain today, but that didn't keep us from grabbing a bite at one of Cape Town's best sushi restaurants.

For all the fellow sushi lovers out there, here is my round up of the best sushi places in Cape Town - Tried & Tested

1. Yummy Zone
Situated in Bellville, this Chinese and Thai food restaurant is it's name worth in gold. Try their all-you-can-eat buffet, which includes sushi, spring rolls, dumplings and stir-fry dishes. On weekends you will be lucky to get a seat if you haven't booked.

2. Best of Asia

A franchise well worth visiting. All of the Best of Asia restaurant have sushi specials. And for those who favour a sweet and salty combination, try there prawn peancurl, like having dinner and dessert rolled into a tiny soy bean basket of goodness.

3. Goldenfish

The only place where the view is as good as the sushi. Situated on the beach front in Tableview. Enjoy their delicious dragonrolls(a must). If you go during the week, you pay cheaper for the all-you-can-eat sushi buffet - bonus!

4. Sevruga

Nothing beats their happy hour from noon until six. Half price sushi, dim sum and cocktails. Join the beautiful locals there for a bite before you hit town for the night.

5. Active Sushi

Smack in the middle of busy Cape Town you will find this sushi haven. Try their couch corner for a date or fill up a big table on the balcony with a group of friends, either you can be sure the evening will be a success, thanks to their mad sushi skills.

That's my top five, let me know if  you can top that, I am always keen for a new sushi adventure.

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